Thank You Thank You and Thank You Again

Recently Olaf went on a field trip with Baby's 3rd grade class. He is a fun Dad and all the kids like him. This year he had two groups since the other Dad was pulled away on last minute business. He didn't mind cuz he's a trooper like that. I would have gone bonkers. It was an hour long bus ride, nothing more needs to be said. As usual the kids wrote Thank You letters. They're usually boring and barely readable. This year he got some really good Thank You's.

Apparently Chandler thinks Olaf rocks. Not quite sure what the picture is saying.

Another boy provided some lively pictures.
Not sure what it is but it's pretty original.

This kid had a "Stomp of an Adventure!"

This kids uses Elefannt Mail. Haven't heard of that company, have you?

Here's yet another kid that thinks Olaf is cool.
I never thought any of those parent-helpers were cool
when I was kid, who are these children?

Here's Baby's letter. Quite obviously the worst handwriting.
It was so bad the camera had a hard time focusing to get the writing clear enough to read.

My favorite letter was this one. All it said was that he was a Clone. That's awesome.


Suzanne said...

Of course Olaf ROCKS!!! My gils think so too!!

Urban Parks said...
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quilts and quirks said...

We all agree Olaf rocks. He is way too much fun to be around. It just seems like a fun trip with Olaf. Baby is so lucky to have him as the "Parent Helper".

sally said...

Those are so cool. I love all the different letters and how hard it is to read them.