I recently got a new flat iron. I decided to enter the fashion age and purchased a cute one.

I thought the safety warnings were rather curious.

Apparently people in Canada are even dumber than us. They're not allowed to use flat irons.

And my favorite part was that they had to warn us not to use it on our eyelashes because our eyes would probably get burned.


Suzanne said...

Maybe if you don't curl your eyebrow - but flat iron it, it will look better???

Lonita said...

That is hilarious! Maybe Canadians are legally required to have wavy hair?

denverallens said...

That is so funny! How do you like the flat iron??? Krissie is sold but I've never tried it.

Krissie said...

We have the same colored chi!!! Mine unfortunately didn't tell me to not straighten my eye lashes....if only it had! It would have saved my eyelashes!!! J/K!

Urban Parks said...

Did I fail to mention that you are just 6 generations removed from being a Canadian. Our ancestors were run out of Massachusetts following the revolution and we were off to Canada. It took a while to return.