What's for Breakfast?

Last night I made cinnamon rolls. Sister Homemaker came to town and we have been baking exclusively from the Pioneer Woman's cookbook. Everything has been delicious.

This morning after Baby ate breakfast he announced to me, "I put that white sauce on the cinnamon rolls. It is soooo good!"

I kind of laughed. "That white sauce is frosting."

"Huh. It was good. I put it on my bacon too."

This is how often I make cinnamon rolls for my children. They are so deprived.


Lonita said...

Oh, the poor things - I think they may need to visit Grandma a bit more!

quilts and quirks said...

Thank you Lonita. I'm getting out my flour and yeast right now. Well, almost right now. Sister Homemaker is coming to town in a day or two and requested the Cinnamon rolls. I'm for them. We only bake and eat the rolls when someone visits.

denverallens said...


sally said...

So what type of frosting did you use?

Donna said...

I used Mom's frosting for the cinnamon rolls, yummy!