Just Around the Corner

Spring is just around the corner! How do I know, you ask? The other night when we were coming home after dark we almost ran over some kid. A teenager type person. Then as I looked, I noticed other teenagers roaming the streets. Spring is officially here, the children are back outside in droves.

Also, the yearly battle between Baby and me has started.

"Mom, I'm gonna go play with Z" he hollers on his way outside without a coat since the temperature is above freezing.

"Hey, stay right on our Block/Corner. Don't roam, I want to be able to call you home without looking for you," I yell out the door at him.

An hour later or so when I go outside to call him home he doesn't answer my calls. I go inside and text my neighbor to send him home. She texts back that they are at my house. Ugh! I go outside and yell again for him without any luck. So I get in my car and head for the "Park." The "Park" is a collection of backyards without any fences. Most of the people have some type of play structure or trampoline which Baby and his friend play on til they are dragged home. 90% of the time they are at the "Park." As soon as they see my car pull into one of the house's driveway they scramble to get out of there and try to beat me home in an attempt to stay out of trouble.

Once we meet back at home I try to find out what part of "Stay on our Block/Corner" he didn't understand. Apparently, to Baby, our Corner/Block comprises the whole neighborhood, despite my definition of the term.

Thank goodness for the sun and blue sky we're seeing now that the inversion has gone the way of winter. Sometimes that's the only saving grace of Spring.


Lonita said...

Funny. I love the fact they try to outrun you home!

Urban Parks said...

I remember those days when I could disappear and force my mom to find me. However, her idea of getting my attention usually involved a high voice. I didn't listen any better than baby.

sally said...

I can't wait for spring, but baby reminds me very much of his two older brothers.