I'm not the Only Girl in the World

On the route home through town there is a pretty, little, formal dress shop. She's been around for a long time. Before she was in her current shop she altered my wedding dress. Then she moved. Soon after Sister Accountant got her wedding dress altered there. And not much later when Sister-in-Law Nurse got a wedding dress, she also altered it.

Her cute shop sits on the main road to my house. And she has some big show windows with mannequins showing off dresses. She changes the dresses every few days. They are always pretty. Every day when I drive by I check out what dress she's put in the window. It's one of the things I look forward to on my drive home. I check it every day.

I live in a family of boys. They never notice what dress the mannequins are wearing any day. I so rarely have another girl in the car with I was beginning to think she dressed the mannequins just for me because no one else ever noticed them. Then one day I was in the car with a friend of mine and her girl. As we drove by the Dress Window the young girl noticed a new dress on the mannequin.

She said, "Look at that dress Mom! It's so pretty!"

I turned around and looked at her and said, "Do you look at the dresses?"

"Every time we drive by!"

Apparently other people look at the dresses too. I guess I'm surrounded by boys a little too often.


Lonita said...

Funny. Maybe if she had a dress in camoflague the boys would look?

Midwestern gone Idahoan said...

I look too!! When I am in town:)

sally said...

I love driving by her store and looking at the dresses. It makes me want to marry jay all over again just to buy a big fluffy dress.

Donna said...

Maybe we should just all buy a fancy dress and wear it somewhere, pretend it's prom all over again.

Urban Parks said...

You have a dress store in town? I don't remember it.

Donna said...

Yeah, you're a boy.

denverallens said...

We could wear it to the next Twilight opening! I saw it was quite in fashion next time I went!