Help! I Need a Job!

Recently Middle Child has been trying to come up with ways to earn money. He is 12. He can't work at McDonald's. He can't work at Macey's. He could babysit if there were kids in our neighborhood to babysit, but there aren't. I talked to Olaf and we came up with a great idea. On the way home from Middle Child's play practice I told him that over dinner we'd talk about an idea for a way he could earn money.

After we had all dished ourselves some food and started eating, Middle Child asked, "So, what's this job that you think I can do?"

Olaf gave him the first idea. "We thought you could donate plasma in town."

Middle Child's smile diminished somewhat. "Does it hurt?"

I jumped in, "I've never given plasma, but I've given blood. It only hurts a little bit when they poke the needle in your arm."

Olaf then added, "It does hurt a little. But it's not a big deal. But if they don't do it right they could mess you up."

Middle Child's smile completely disappeared at this point.

Olaf added, "You're supposed to be 21 to give plasma, so when they ask you your age you'll need to add 10 years."

Middle Child got a little upset, "I don't think this is a good idea! Any other ideas for a job?"

I then mentioned, "You've got two kidneys and only really need one. There's a pretty good black market for organs. We could try to find out how to sell yours on the black market."

Olaf piped in, "You'll have to have surgery and probably not in a hospital since it's illegal. So we'll have to make sure we get someone that will take almost as good care of you as a regular doctor and hospital."

Now Middle Child looked completely dejected. "I don't think I should break the law!"

We paused and ate a bite or two of food.

Then Olaf brought up one more idea for a job for Middle Child. "Why don't you come with me to clean the office once a week. You'll have specific things you have to do. You'll have to do them really good. And if you do a good job we can pay you a certain amount each time."

Middle Child jumped out of his seat he was so excited. "That sounds like an awesome idea! I'd love to do that!"

I added, "Now, you'll need to pay your tithing and put some money in savings every time you get paid."

This didn't dampen his spirits at all. He was so excited at the prospect of what he thinks will be painless employment. Yesterday we went to Best Buy and he spent his time there figuring how long it will take him to earn enough money to buy a Laptop and his own account for World of Warcraft. At least he's got goals.


denverallens said...

You guys are just mean! That is so funny! We just recently set up a bank account for Mac since he babysits kids in the ward now. I told him about the 10% tithing and 40% savings thing. He decided he'd save 80% until he got online and decided he needed a lot of music off of itunes. Too bad I'm not letting him get his own account for that!

Lonita said...

That is awesome. Thank goodness for your blog, I'm going to have to file these ideas away for 10 years down the road or so!

Urban Parks said...

That is the true McLean spirit! Break all the bad news and then lift their spirits. You guys are so creative. However, you could have added he could have been a duck decoy.

sally said...

I love it. Those are great ideas. I always liked the idea of mowing other people's yards but then that usually means the mom is in charge and I know I don't want to do that.

Midwestern gone Idahoan said...

I can't believe how big Clayton is getting!!

How fun!!