That Makes Me Look Fat

The other day Olaf got Baby up and going. He threw him in the shower. He got him a towel. And he put some clothes in the bathroom so Baby wouldn't have to leave the warm bathroom and venture into his cold room to get dressed.

Baby showered and got out when I finally knocked on the wall to let him know he'd been in there enough to cost me a small fortune in a water heater bill.

About five minutes later I noticed he was still in the bathroom. No surprises there. He likes to crawl under his towel and over the heater vent and get nice and hot. So I went in the bathroom to help him get moving.

"Hey, you! Get up! We need to get you dressed. Here's the clothes Dad got you. Do you have your underwear on yet? Nope, here it is. Dad even brought you two pair to choose from. Do you want light or dark blue striped undies on your bum today?"

"Light blue! That Dark Blue makes my butt look fat!" and he snickered his evil laugh.


Lonita said...

Hmm, I really didn't think boys ever worried about that! (Of course, there's no disguising Joshua's massive belly - there's only so much dark colors can do...hopefully he won't be scarred for life.)

Urban Parks said...

Normal boys don't worry about that, but when you are a junior super hero you have to look good all the time. Image is everything.

sally said...

That gave me a good morning laugh that I really needed. I am with Lonita, we can't disguise Chas' belly let alone the girth of his head. He hasn't caught up with it yet and it's still tipping him over.

Anonymous said...

lol this is waaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyy funny donna should post funnier ones and more often like every day

Anonymous said...

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