A Peaceful Weekend

This last Friday all the boys headed out on a campout. In Goblin Valley. Now don't be scared. It doesn't get its name from little goblins stealing children. The name comes from the rock formations that were formed in this valley eons ago.

As you can see the formations are everywhere. The boys absolutely love going on this trip every spring. They go in the spring because it's HOT in the summer. When you visit the Southwest in the summer you sweat profusely. Not so fun and comfortable like the spring.

I read that originally it was called Mushroom Valley.
I like Goblin Valley better. Sounds funner.

At night the boys run around with flashlights
and light sticks and play night games.

Then when the finally come in the daylight the next morning
they are always in amazement at what the place looks like.
Well, if they've never been before.

The shapes are one of a kind. I don't think there's
any other place on earth quite like it.

In fact, in the movie Galaxy Quest, they set the crew on an alien planet and it happens to be Goblin Valley! You can check that clip out here.

In the meantime I did some stuff that I've been working on for a while and finally finished. Whew! For Sister's Weekend this year we are making quilts. Everyone is bringing eight quilt squares and we will share them to make each of us a quilt.

This has been quite an experience for me. Once I tried to quilt something and it turned out so misshapen that I threw it away. So this time I chose a pattern that didn't have any exact measurements, it was do whatever you want. And I did. The best part is no one will know if I messed up because nothing is square! This one isn't misshapen, it just isn't trimmed perfect yet. I just didn't want any seams to come undone and ravel. That would drive me crazy!

While my weekend wasn't quite as adventurous as the boys, I got some important things accomplished and that made me very happy.

And to top it off, I made cupcakes. Delicious. I bet you're jealous of my weekend now.


sally said...

I love the photos of Goblin Valley. What a pretty area. I'm so glad to finally see your squares. How fun, I can't wait to see everyone's in person come late April!!

denverallens said...

I guess I'd better get busy and make mine eh? Cute Donna, so glad to hear you haven't squared them up yet!

Lonita said...

Really cool rock formations - I'm kind of jealous of the boys going on a campout there. And Goblin Valley is a fantastic name. Love your squares!

Midwestern gone Idahoan said...

love you square!!!