A New Obsession

I am reliving my childhood. Well, the childhood I didn't have. Don't get me wrong, I had a wonderful childhood. I was happy. And fat. And happy.

With two pair of shoes, one for school and one for church. I'm not complaining cuz I had a great childhood. But I have discovered lately that I love shoes. Especially comfortable ones. Especially flats. Especially fun shoes.

These are my very first pair of Converse. I wasn't so sure if I'd like them but they were on clearance for cheap, I know it was less than $15. I just couldn't pass them up and if I didn't like them I wasn't out much. It wasn't long before I was in LOVE.

The next time I ran across a pair of Converse on Clearance (I have a slight problem with paying full price for clothing and shoes) I just thought they were cool.They were sparkly! And starry! Awesome combination. And I have worn these the most. My absolute favorite of all of them.

You can tell they're my favorite, they're pretty dirty. But that just shows them how much I love them, kind of like that Velveteen Rabbit.

A little later I ran across another pair. I had to have these, they were black, my other ones are brown and white so these would go with a whole nother slew of outfits.

Then just barely I found these. On clearance. Again. They were clearing out winter shoes and somehow these got lost in the shuffle. They definitely aren't wintery, very springy.

I can't wait to wear shorts and capris with these flowery, fun, shoes! Too bad it's barely February. Maybe I should move South of here.

Makes you wanna go and get your own pair, doesn't it?


denverallens said...

The shoes are so very cute! Too bad we don't all have skinny Donna feet! I've never fit into those cool converse shoes. But Alyssa does and it's fun to buy them for her! Still trying to talk Mac into it!

Midwestern gone Idahoan said...

How cute and fun!! Find me some brown boots! That is what I need:)

sally said...

Where do you find the deals? I hate spending a ton of money on converse.

Jen said...

cute cute shoes! and cute baby pic! :)