The Z-Word

Many of you know that Baby has an aversion to Zombies. He is deathly afraid of them. We are not allowed to speak the word at our house. We refer to them as The Z-Word. Last year around Thanksgiving time Olaf and I went to the movies. Specifically, Zombieland. I'm not a Zombie fan, but this movie was hilarious. I loved it.

Last week it came out on DVD. I bought it. I'm going to have to hide it in the house somewhere. And sneak it out late at night to watch after Baby has gone to sleep. For those of you that have seen it, go get yourself a Twinkie, they do have an expiration date.


sally said...

We watched part of this on Saturday night. I'm saving my Twinkie for later in the show. We did make sure we removed the DVD before we went to bed. We were worried the kids would turn the TV on and start watching the movie. That would be bad!

Donna said...

We hid our movie so Baby can't pop it in to watch!

Renz Family said...

I'm sorry about the buckshot in your Twinkies. Can you just eat around it?