A Little Pep Talk

On the way home from work last week I was greeted by these signs stapled to telephone poles along the main road. Not the Rent to Own sign, the other one. I saw the first one and thought it was kind of amusing.

Then on the next block was another sign. I wonder if someone was just trying to help all the people coming home from work and school feel better. About something. Maybe themselves. Maybe homework. Maybe possible terrorist attacks.

Someone was trying to get their point across. I wonder if someone didn't want their Significant Other coming home grumpy?

And if being Happy wasn't a good enough message, there was also this message: "All You Need is Love." Now I'm thinking some Budget-Conscious-Hippie is using not-so-subliminal messages to get their ideas across to the general public, cheaply.

But then I saw this sign and thought "Maybe someone is Posting their Valentines in Public! That must be it!"

While the signs were rather unconventional I found myself in a Happier Mood that afternoon.


Midwestern gone Idahoan said...

I thought you were going to say that Middle child put them up when I saw the picture of middle child next to one:)!! That would make me smile too!!

Urban Parks said...

You do have the most interesting drives home. Those kinds of signs do NOT appear in Las Vegas.

sally said...

I could use some signs like that around my house.