Today we had a Real Life Hero come walking down my street. He wasn't in red spandex. He didn't fly through the air. He just came home in his parent's car.

We didn't have much notice and it was only by accident that we knew in advance he was coming. So, we did what we do when our Heroes come home.

We lined his street with flags. I got to help. I got teary-eyed, I always do when I think about these Heroes. They don't consider themselves as such, but they are.

Our Hero had been shot and gets to come home for a few weeks to finish recovering and then back again to the war.

We love and respect our Heroes around here. We always put a few flags out for them when they come home.

We want them to know we are thinking about them, praying for their safety, and begging the Lord to let them come home in one piece and not in a box.

Our Hero's Mother called me tonight to thank us for putting the flags out. Her Hero had made her promise not to tell people he was coming home since he'll be leaving again and he's only home to recover. He doesn't realize how happy we all are to have him home safe and sound, even if only for two weeks.

But as they pulled into the neighborhood while we were putting up the few final flags he asked his Mom, "What? Is it Super-President's Day or something?" And then he grinned. She was just so happy that flags had been put out even though hardly anyone knew he was coming home. Thank goodness for small towns!

Thank you to all our Military Folk. We love you and pray for you!


Midwestern gone Idahoan said...

That looks really cool!! We need to do things like that for our men and women who fight for us!!

denverallens said...

That is so, so sweet! Tears are flowing here! Thank goodness for real life heros that fight for our freedom everyday. We wouldn't be where we are today without them. Thanks for being the hero to put flags up. Small towns are awesome!

Urban Parks said...

You are right Donna. There are some special experiences that happen in small towns that don't happen elsewhere. You made a mother and son very appreciated and loved. You and Olaf are super.

sally said...

What an awesome thing to do. You and your family do wonderful things for your neighborhood. Thank goodness for small towns or else traditions like this would be lost. I'm also a huge sap and am crying over here in Idaho.

quilts and quirks said...

There are real heroes of our days. We want them to know how important they are to us. What a wonderful thing to be able to be a part of! These things do make us get teary eyed.

Guy and Donna Johnson said...

It was so cool to see...You and Chris are just awesome. I am so thankful for those that serve our country.